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Roller brush manufacturers talk about the application of brush in industrial production

Release Time:2021-06-16

The scope of application of the brush is the whole process of industrial production cleaning, ash removal, polishing, etc.

Industrial brush products are: Brush roller, wear-resisting material polyester brush roller, roller brush, steel brush, strip brush, brush belt, disc brush, brush springs, soft brush, rubber roller, sponge absorbent roller, sanitation garbage truck road sweeper brush, furnace pipe brush, washing bottle brush brush line, glass washing machine brush roller, fresh fruit, fruit and vegetable washing machine brush roller dyeing brush, ceramic glaze flash, Paper industry printing machinery and equipment glue stick, antistatic brush, metal polishing grinding brush, metal material pickling passivation brush roller, automatic shoe polishing machine brush wheel and other unique brush.

Key application:

Polishing cleaning industry: all kinds of polishing brush. Sisal strip, cotton wheel, cotton piece, wool wheel, horsehair wheel, bristle wheel, etc.

Food industry: a variety of multifunctional vegetable cutting machine brush, fungus cleaning equipment brush, hair to miscellaneous brush, brush fruit washing machine, meat peeler, etc.;

Printing and dyeing industry: all kinds of shaping machine brush wheel, singeing machine brush, grinder brush, brush machine, combing machine brush, spinning machine brush, etc.

Leather products shoes factory: grinding filter machine brush, plastic paint brush polishing brush, (wool wheel, cloth wheel, horsehair wheel, bristle wheel) dispensing wheel, etc.;

Carpentry furniture industry: sanding machine brush, polishing cloth wheel, brown brush, paint brush wood handle all kinds of artificial plate machinery and equipment brush roller, sanding machine polyester brush roller, sealant brush and horse mane brush roller and sisal brush;

Environmental health industry: a variety of sweeping car, washing car brush, steel wire wheel, road sweeper grid brush, brush, brush, brush brush brush brush, roller, etc.;

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