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Grasp the wrong idea of drum brush wholesale, prevent into line

Release Time:2021-06-16

Many people to the purchase of drum brush, because of the drum brush cognitive ability is insufficient, so after the purchase of the total feeling was pit, the bottom of the drum brush manufacturers will say to you that the drum brush the purchase of the wrong idea, so that you prevent into the line!

Brush hair determines how much paint is applied, so many people think that the selection of short hair can be less absorption of architectural paint, can reduce the amount of use. In fact, the length of the bristles only jeopardize the actual effect of the brush, and not the actual effect of the moisture absorption, so less bristles is not better.

In addition, there are also a lot of people in order to better brush paint, convenient and save effort, like to choose the handle of the longer goods. In fact, the position that different handle uses is different, in a few corners or the wall of low position if the roller that uses long handle brushes smears to brush instead is not easy to operate, therefore according to the requirement chooses different length

The handle.

The next key to the roller brush these two purchase traps you need to grasp oh!

Roller brush the purchase of traps;

1. Type traps. The length of the roller brush, materials have very big difference, we don't know what is the difference between when the choose and buy, some shops to take this opportunity to strongly recommend some bad use of roller brush, is to buy back later found not on its own rules, so everyone as much as possible to do some grasp, or to the of the store in the choose and buy, That can get more technical professional specific guidance.

2. Price lure. General brush material is good, the higher purity of the drum brush price is also relatively high, so some stores in order to make a better profit, will brush the poor quality of goods as premium products ultra-low price to customers, and listen to the store's narrative, people also think that they choose to cheap goods of good quality.