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Mane brush with plastic handle PB0102

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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Glass cleaning machine brush roller: commodity cleaning equipment brush roller, edge grinding machine brush, PP, PU, PVC, PVA sponge roller. Glass cleaning machine brush roller, roller shaft is 45# garden steel, toothbrush is polyester raw material, corrosion resistant. If the glass cleaning line must be cleaned with acid solution, the brush roller of stainless steel plate must be used to avoid erosion. Generally, the brush is made into a brush and then welded on the roller shaft in spiral shape. Suction roll, choose hydrophilic molecular structure of high density sponge, absorbing ability can good, dry is a fast, to brush the paint brush is used for sandwich glass surface water droplets all-dimensional quickly absorb not wrong in the sales volume is not too small and industrial production development trend of the past, we applied the original way to clean up the "artificial", But in today's social development, which requires a large amount of human capital and is getting lower and lower, our mechanical automation has slowly replaced the previous artificial, and the paint brush is thick whether it is fresh fruits and vegetables in the farmers' market or the snacks in the market have been thoroughly produced and processed before the production and processing must be cleaned up.