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Mane brush with plastic handle PB0101

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine brush roller laminated glass cleaning machine brush

Fruit and vegetable washing machine brush roller: commodities have multifunctional vegetable cutting machine brush, meat peeler brush, fungus washing machine brush oil press brush. In industrial production of fruits, vegetables and fruits, the polyester brush roller is used to clean a variety of fruits, carrots and other agricultural and animal husbandry crops. It is stipulated that the brush wire has good compressive strength and ductility, but it can not scratch the fruits and vegetables and fruits. Food machinery and equipment brush raw material selection PA6,PA66, 611,612,1010 wire, roll core application 45# garden steel or stainless steel plate, injection molding processing, embedded heat-resistant polyester brush wire, used to clean fruit surface stains and surface polishing waxing; Toothbrush is anti-bacterial polyester 1010 high temperature and wear resistant brush wire, the brush wire does not bend back, do not fall off. Food brushes are widely used for mechanical equipment cleaning, peeling and pesticide residue removal before refrigeration of various vegetables and fruits. Wood handle paint brush surface brush can be trimmed into a wavy shape according to the need, by convex and concave corresponding two brush rollers for a group, in order to clean fruits and vegetables and fruits, to achieve a higher cleaning effect.