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Natural seaweed cotton decorative roller (dilute) IN634F/116

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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Teach you a way to solve the drum brush problem:

1. Clean up the surrounding environment before brushing oil to avoid yellow sand and harm the paint quality. After the paint construction coating engineering project, full-time personnel should be assigned to take care of and manage the method, the roller brush is strictly prohibited to touch.

2. After each paint brush, paint bonding should be avoided to harm the quality and beauty of generous.

3. Immediately after brushing, the paint on the road surface and environmental pollution walls and roller brush will be wiped clean.

The viscosity of building paint commonly used in rolling paint should be adjusted according to the wet zone level and hygroscopic speed on the surface of the rural base. High viscosity, poor ability to cover light paint, will harm the flatness of the film; The low viscosity, thin film, is likely to promote the construction of the project.

Daily in accordance with the separation according to the section of the construction, no lap joints, in order to prevent after repair, poor partial color and even "face". The paint rolling on a floor plan should be carried out continuously as far as possible to prevent marks at the joints.

The surface of rural base is unusual, so narrow barrel engineering should be applied. If bubbles occur in the paint rolling, there will be a coating that is slightly dry and then the barrel with less slurry will be pressed once.

Natural seaweed cotton decorative roller (dilute) IN634F/116