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Velvet Master MO904V-DP

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Release Date:2021-06-15

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Brushes can be classified into the following three categories according to their range of application:

First, industrial brush, special type in the whole process of industrial production of cleaning, dust, polishing polishing, polishing polishing, etc.

Two, for maintenance, maintenance, including cleaner, left and right roller brush cleaning brush, paint, etc.

Brushes belonging to the type of my daily necessities, such as hair brush, soft toothbrush, wash clothes brush, wash shoes brush, etc.

Common problems of industrial brush application:

Industrial brush sometimes because of the damage of the pivot, brush wire bending, since the building of roller brush because operators use or quality problems caused by improper operation method such as, as far as possible need not application has been badly damaged or can not normal operation of all brush, brush is damaged due to that is likely to damage levels increase and the human body, should be to change the brush as soon as possible, And improve the practical operation related to prevent non-production safety.

Application of industrial brush, should prevent the force is too large, otherwise it will make the brush wire bending deformation, friction after heat accumulation, brush damage becomes blunt, the service life greatly reduced. If you feel that the laser cutting energy of the brush is insufficient, it is proposed that the application of a sharper brush or a moderate increase in the brush speed ratio, and do not have to apply too much force.

Velvet Master MO904V-DP