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Detail of drum brush

Release Time:2021-06-16

1. Origin

Domestic: Goods produced in the region of our country.

Imports: the key refers to imports from countries such as Europe and the United States.

2, a variety of surface raw materials

Polyurethane, nylon, polyester cloth, imitation cashmere, real sheep wool and sponge, plastic.

3, a variety of connecting pipe raw materials

White iron pipe, PA, PP and PVC, PP pipe key for hot flame, PA, PVC pipe key for strong glue class.

4, 4 kinds of drum surface length

Hair brush: the advantage is a dip consumption is more, the total area of the brush is large, the key is used in the painting of the wall is not smooth.

Short hair tick: the advantage is that toothbrush hair is all over fine and balanced, so the paint layer after the project construction is balanced, the paint surface is smooth and meticulous.

Medium brush: its toothbrush length is moderate, the texture of the paint is coarse, the key is used for the interior decoration without too high provisions on the wall.

Plastic roller: soft rubber barrel is applicable to the scope of art paint engineering construction embossed sharp wall paint clothing printing interior decoration

5. It is divided into 5 kinds according to application

Construction paint drum brush, pressure drum brush, epoxy floor paint drum brush, bullet coating drum brush, printing drum

6. Common specifications and models

General 2 inches, 3 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, modern American 5 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches and its European classical 7 inches, 9 inches.

7. Operation method

1, can not immediately apply the just removed roller brush, must first wash with cold water to remove the floating hair on the surface, and then dehydration water.

2. Use the roller to brush the paint, and then flip it back and forth on the roller to brush the evenly distributed paint.

3, powder pair wall, first use the roller brush on the wall from top to bottom and then up (W type) transverse turning paint, and then transverse wipe once.

4, paint the construction site, paint range should pay attention to, to ensure the uniform distribution of paint surface;

5, engineering construction from the top to the bottom of the turnover of the drum brush, need to grasp the rate, in order to prevent harm to the actual effect of painting.

6. After painting, remove the roller brush, clean and dry the roller brush.