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Roller brush manufacturers share brush, roll, spray three kinds of which paint way is stronger

Release Time:2021-06-16

At this stage, the key way of wall paint painting brush, paint rolling and spray paint these three, different ways of painting have advantages and disadvantages, then, brush, roll or spray paint which is stronger? Today and rolling brush manufacturers - Tu Bang brush factory together to do a master.

First, the way of painting

This kind of way can save the cost of paint, and apply to all kinds of metope. Generally, it uses plastic handle paint to brush the wall with a small total area, consuming less and less paint, and can save paint on a very large level. In addition, the way the paint is painted allows the paint to better penetrate into the wall, which can improve the adhesion of the paint surface. But it consumes too much human capital, and the engineering construction efficiency is also very low, so the discomfort is used for some fast drying type paint.

Two, the way of rolling paint

The method of rolling paint makes it easy to penetrate into the tiny pores on the surface of the coated material, and then the water-based paint paint brush can improve the adhesion force on the surface of the coated material to a certain level, and the damage of the coating is relatively small. In addition, compared with brushing, engineering construction efficiency is further improved, can accelerate the whole process of engineering construction. However, it is also uncomfortable to use some fast drying paint, otherwise it will cause marks on the wall and harm the overall appearance.

Three, the way of painting

The spray painting method applied on the wall paint construction site will accelerate the progress of all new projects, and the wall after the spray painting is especially smooth and smooth. According to the spray paint solution of all the wall paint layer relative thick. However, the application of special tools in the spray way are all spray way, which will lead to the consumption of wall paint at a certain level. In addition, if the wall problems occur in the middle and late period, a large number of repairs are carried out according to painting or rolling paint.