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Roller brush manufacturers teach you what brush to use

Release Time:2021-06-16

A lot of people don't know what to brush, in the short term before a friend told me that brush have what use, in this can not be lack of mechanical machinery and equipment in terms of social development, brush and brush roller is indispensable, in view of the mechanical equipment have very big use, clear mechanical brush, say below under the brush what use in industrial machinery, Today is mainly on the car.

First for the car of the car engine gearbox cleaning way, the first brush to remove the oil plate hole burr and sharp edge, and then clean the hole brush to remove the oil plate hole burr and sharp edge, so that the gearbox, then is the removal of the car distribution pump, wear resistant materials are used to remove the wire brush. And the car on motorcycle engine and the gas can choose contain wear-resisting material wire brush to clean up, nature also has a lot of machinery must be brush to condition, along with the development trend of mechanical, quality is also more and more high, choose the brush is the same, brushing paint better, brush type are many, each type can choose to the mechanical, Natural actual effect and efficacy are also different. The main uses and cleaning methods of brushes in industrial machinery

Article brush used on the surface of the metal material, paint brush handle key several levels: surface pretreating solution (fine polishing, pressure light, antirust processing, ash) surface cleaning solution (for component cleaning, food and fruits and vegetables cleaning peeling, decontamination, oil) on the surface of roll casting solution (faded burr milling, grinding polishing) brush used material: The appropriate use of the brush, first according to the physical and chemical characteristics of the raw materials to be solved, such as the surface smoothness of raw materials, strength, etc., select appropriate brush raw materials; The appearance of the brush selected by the working condition criteria; According to the main parameters of the processing technology, the brush size and speed ratio are measured. In general, the larger the diameter of the circular brush, the better the actual effect. And under the same diameter standard, the paint brush brush wire less, the cutting force is stronger, the longer the brush wire, the cutting force is weak.

Roller brush manufacturers teach you what brush to use