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The environmental standards that must be suitable for the use of paint rollers to paint walls

Release Time:2021-06-16

I will give you a detailed explanation of the wall paint must be suitable for the environmental standards.

Wall paint brush painting is a very precise and delicate words, has strict regulations on the construction environment. The temperature and humidity of the construction site should be suitable, and the sanitary conditions, light standards and natural ventilation standards are better. In order to better brush to the wall, home decoration partners in a more suitable environment to carry out construction. From the humidity level: the relative humidity during construction is generally 60% ~ 70%. If the humidity is too low and the gas is too dry, it will make the organic solvent wood handle paint brush evaporate too fast and the paint solidify too fast, so that the dry and solid coating of the conjunctivitis is not good. But high humidity environment or precipitation temperature is not suitable for construction. From the perspective of temperature: different coating types have different provisions on the construction temperature, which should be controlled according to the temperature in the product introduction. Generally, it should be in the middle of 10 ~ 35℃, and the temperature is not less than 5℃; In winter, when the paint construction is carried out in the room, the plastic paint brush should adopt the heat insulation and heating countermeasures. From the perspective of natural ventilation: it is not suitable to carry out wall paint construction in windy weather. Wind speed over the exchange will accelerate the evaporation of organic solvents or water in the paint, resulting in poor demulsification of the coating and very easy to catch dust and harm the quality of the wall. From the perspective of environmental hygiene: the sanitary condition of the painting site should be kept stable, and the road surface and gas should be clean and clean. Otherwise, dust falls on the coating, causing particles to occur on the surface of the paint layer, reducing the smoothness and improving the amount of labor of decorative grinding and polishing. From the light level: the construction site should have plenty of light, especially in the paint color, color collision, if the light is not enough, not only color prohibition, wash paint brush and very easy to brush leakage, loss of light and other conditions.

The environmental standards that must be suitable for the use of paint rollers to paint walls