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Paint brush the wall of the five processes?

Release Time:2021-06-16

1, the shovel wall

In the case of preparing to paint the wall in advance, we should first carry out a series of solutions to the wall, the ball paint brush to clean the wall clean, if it is the old house again painted, but also need to put the original what the old wall all clear, so that it is not easy to harm the new wall.

2, cover the crack

If there used to be a small crack, the metope of in front of the coating should be also should be labeled as decoration design bandages, all cover that is able to crack, to ensure the firmness of metope besmear to brush after, if water, wire casing already slot on the metope of pavement, the slots in the except with concrete to seal, and affix the adornment design of the special bandage, Otherwise, this area would be very prone to crack.

3. Brush superglue

Pasted the car paint brush decoration design bandage that must not miss the brush strong glue this process, or coated on the wall putty powder and paint will be very easy to bulge, so not only harm the appearance of the wall, will also harm the quality.

4, do Yin and Yang Angle

Scraping putty is not like the traditional small scraper, generally more standard enterprises will use a large scraper to approve the wall, so that the wall will be more leveling, and more cost saving than the small scraper, can accelerate the speed of engineering construction.

5, fine polishing

After all the walls are painted, the walls should be polished with grinding sand paper. After polishing and polishing, the walls should be repaired. If there are cracks in the walls, the putty powder should be immediately used to repair and level them.

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