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Thumb drum brush construction tips

Release Time:2021-06-16

Grasp the method can get twice the result with half the effort, we in the application of thumb drum brush under the circumstances of what construction methods? Let me take a look at it together with the mini roller brush.

Thumb drum brush in the construction of the case, must apply another two kinds of drum brush can have a stronger and higher efficiency of the actual effect. Can prepare two kinds of thumb drum brush in advance, first brush with thick thumb drum, and then brush with fine thumb drum.

Though thumb roller brush is used to paint on the wall, paint roller brush thick because the total area of the touch is wider, can be painted more evenly. Then the cumulative application of fine thumb roller brush, can clear some of the places that are not smooth and have tiny holes, so that the wall looks more detailed (thick thumb roller brush is not conducive to coating lines).

It must be noted that in the whole process, in order to better save time and effort, a lot of architectural paint can not be dipped into the rolling paint at one time. A small amount of rolling paint should be eaten more often, and excessive adhesion should be avoided by all means. And the force should be balanced, so that it can be more balanced by the overturning working pressure, including speed and azimuth must be manipulated. The speed can not be too fast or too slow, the direction can not be single, to southeast, northwest, horizontal and vertical, to ensure the uniform turnover.

Although the thumb drum brush is not very small, but even so after brushing, but also as far as possible to apply the brush to some smaller places that are not conducive to brush with the drum to carry out rubbing decoration. Such as the corner and the foot of the wall and some very easy to leak the brush, especially some parts are not good roller brush place, such as the wall and the floor line, solid wood cabinet, baffle and other joints and the corner of the wall.

But in addition to this kind of advanced paint brush, should also do some preparation work, such as before the development of spraying, be sure to carry out preparation of the metope, the solution of the new and old metope is also different. New concrete metope is not suitable for spraying immediately generally, because just build by laying bricks or stones, water content is very high, after should wait for a month generally, just can be constructed, if brush latex paint at this moment, perhaps do not see difficult problem now, but need not two months, metope will crack.