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Mini-type roller brush advantages

Release Time:2021-06-16

Here is a detailed introduction of the advantages of the mini roller brush:

Mini roller brush

1. Good water absorption capacity: the grain is symmetrical, the suction is symmetrical and the paint is symmetrical, the paint is beautiful and generous.

2. Strong support frame: choose new round paint brush material support frame, arc comfortable handle design scheme, save cost.

3. Flip over convenient: the framework is closely coordinated with each other, turning the head conveniently, lifting the head conveniently, and the application is convenient and quick.

4. The surface is smooth and clean: the selection of high-quality raw materials, the roller brush the surface is smooth and the brush is finely balanced.

Operation method:

1. Before application, please brush the roller in water to get wet, then take it up to dehydrate unnecessary water;

2, brush with the roller evenly stained architectural paint, must be brushed on the surface of objects around, after the intersection, and then left and right direction of continuous paint rolling, until the architectural paint uniform.

3, suitable for construction, wall painting, wall painting, home decoration, etc.