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How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of drum brush

Release Time:2021-06-16

How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the drum brush, how to identify the quality of the brush, paint manufacturing, garden plate brush production and manufacturing, industrial brush, brush roller and other products are all manufactured by Anqing brush factory production and manufacturing, the following will talk about how to identify the drum brush, paint and other brush goods quality pros and cons.

Brush lacquer is a not simple technology to live, average person also learns hard, general everybody needs to master fur only, can understand how to identify lacquer material and its basic knowledge that brush lacquer is ok. If you want to do it yourself, why not learn more?

1. Apply the first coat of paint, fill the putty, and eliminate the surface dust after polishing.

2. Apply the second coat of paint, polish the roller to brush the extension rod, remove the surface dust and tap water sand to carry out terrazzo, and repair the unit hanging oil.

The burr edge of rural base level lumber surface, turn over the defect such as edge, polish with sandpaper, make the edge keeps clean and tidy.

4, with edible oil putty (or all transparent putty) to carry out scratching, polishing, polishing after filling putty (with varnish first fill brown eye, nail eye, do part of the color repair work).

5. Eliminate dust and stains on the surface of wooden furniture and wire frame (wooden rural base).

6. Apply the third coat of paint until the ideal practical effect is achieved.